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Our School Vision, Values & Ethos

Our aim at Asterdale Primary School is to give each child the best possible start in life.  To achieve this, we believe in a balance between care and structure; focusing on the core elements, through wide-ranging and interesting learning activities; and between respect, care and consideration.  For each child to reach their potential and to feel that they have a real value, we provide a balance between high expectations for children's work and positive rewards for all children's efforts.

Asterdale is committed to working closely with parents and carers, because we want what you want - the best for your child.  Asterdale aims to provide a safe, happy and positive environment for everyone, because we know that children who are happy and secure will have the best chance of doing well at school, preparing for the future and inevitably life beyond school.  We recognise the need to prepare our children for life in a rapidly changing technological society, whilst equipping our children with the skills and attitudes to become health-conscious individuals who can make reasoned, informed choices whilst enjoying good physical and mental health.

We encourage our children to take advantage of opportunities, to be active participants in their education and within the local community, developing self-confidence, resilience and valuing positive behaviour.  We aspire to develop a love of learning that promotes high aspiration and achievement.  We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that enriches the experiences of our children, enabling them to live harmoniously in a multi-cultural and inclusive environment, with a respect for diversity.